Friday 16 May 2014

May 2014: 49" Ultra HD, $640 - no mention of use as a desktop monitor???

A new Ultra HD monitor (i.e. TV...) announced today, the Xiaomi MiTV 2
49 inches of 4K goodness for $640 (in China though, so this might never appear in the West). Built-in Android as a freebie extra.
What's strange to me is there's NO mention anywhere of using this thing as a desktop monitor. OK it might not be for everyone but really? No Linux hacker wants all this borderless screen real estate?

49" is about the optimal size - each HD quarter screen is ~ 24", and we've been happy with that pixel density for years. From experience, the height of the screen would feel a bit wierd (you'd definitely scrap the little legs), but you might not want to make the screen wider on your desk without curving it.

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